Mozart Hotel Group is a young and ambitious company that currently manages nine hotels in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Ukraine.

Since 2011, we have managed to build a portfolio that includes a variety of properties, ranging from city and business hotels to large resort complexes. Each Mozart Hotel Group hotel is unique and requires an individual approach which has shaped our flexible management system.

With this experience behind us, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively manage hotels and maximize revenue while serving as a trusted extension of ownership. Our full suite management system makes life easier for the owner and has allowed us to become a trusted and respected player in the hospitality industry.

Why Mozart Hotel Group?

  • Flexible contracts and cooperation
  • An individual approach to each project
  • An international team of professionals
  • A quick contract agreement process
  • Experience of managing hotels of all sizes
  • High operational efficiency
  • Owner-centric hoteliers with a hands-on approach

We effectively increase the performance index of hotels under our management:

Our Values

We strive to ensure maximum ROI. Your success is ours, and we work hard every day to create results.
We are adaptable. We respond well to unfamiliar situations and maintain operational effectiveness in constantly changing environments. We work with open minds to ensure that we can refine our strategy in any situation.
We will never promise unrealistic results. We are honest with hotel owners and we take full responsibility for the results of our work.
We are resilient and persistent. We believe in doing our best. We place the objectives of the owner before anything else.

Our mission

Owning a hotel should be a pleasure, not a headache.

At Mozart Hotel Group, we believe that your property is an extension of you, the owner. We understand that each hotel needs a unique approach and we are experts in finding the best route for you and your business moving forward.

Choosing Mozart Hotel Group is choosing freedom from daily operational worries and a team that truly cares about great hotels.

Take your first step to a new life, with confidence in the profitability of your business and freedom from daily operational worries.
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