Pavel Sayk

About the Author: Pavel Sayk

Senior Web-engineer

13 years of experience in all stages of the Web development lifecycle, from concept and development through HTML markup and tuning.  In-depth understanding of security, SEO, and optimization to maximize site performance. Extensive knowledge and on-hands experience in information architecture, web design, and project management.

How to promote your hotel on the local market? Featured How to promote your hotel on the local market?
Whether you own a restaurant or provide private services, local SEO is crucial for everyone. As a business owner, you should work on local SEO strategies to promote your business.
28 March | 18 min.
Hotel website checklist Featured Hotel website checklist
A website is a place where you can publish detailed information about the company, services, terms of the order, and performance of services, contacts, and details (especially hotels). The site informs your customers all year round, night and day. And even if you have a well-designed website, the question arises: how to attract visitors to your website?
30 March | 5 min.
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